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Beyond Numbers...

A team of dedicated and dynamic experts committed to adding value to your Vision

Cheerful Business Meeting

About Us

QKeepers is fueled by young and passionate professionals with an undying thirst for expertise. We help your business stay ahead of the curve through innovative solutions, automated processes and easy access to industry experts. Our work models are designed with a flexibility that can accommodate needs which otherwise traditional accounting solutions cannot provide.

As your accountants, we are here to ensure that all of your financial decisions are made carefully with your best interests in mind. We will be your book-keeper, financial advisor, tax planner and guide along your path.


Our services extend to a broad range of industries at cost-effective rates placing Customer Satisfaction at top priority. Your trust and a long-lasting business relationship is what matters to us most!


Why Choose Us?

QKeepers is a woman-run firm built on the pillars of  dedication and accuracy.  Our service offerings are designed to cater to all your accounting needs so that you can have a one-stop solution for your business.  At QKeepers, we care for yours like our own!


Cost Effective


Get the benefit of  accountants with multiple skills, under the same roof,  without any training or compliance costs


Not comfortable with sharing resources? No problem. We can provide you with a team that will solely work on your account. 

Dedicated Team


Custom Services

Your business is unique so are its need. Design with us a service package that best suits your business


Our skilled accountants have several years of experience of various industries and software making them the best people to guide you.




Forget all manual record keeping. Implementing the right tools and integrating them can greatly reduce time and effort needed.



Grow your business or trim it down without worrying about adding staff or terminating loyal employees. Our team adapts with you.

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